Unique art masterpieces and genuine treasures in our olfactic world. Exquisite works of art by the best perfumers of our time.

Contes de Parfums, a brand of individual fine fragrances with a very personal and emotive story behind its existence, portraying a specific moment in life of well-known perfumers through the art of perfumery.

The art of perfume

Creating a perfume consists of sublimating all these marvelous materials, the mysteries and alchemy of perfumery.

Cities Collection

The very first collection of fine fragrances from Contes de Parfums – Cities – recreates a specific moment in the lives of these revered perfumers during a personal visit to a city around the world that they have chosen to share.

Discovery Kit

Discover all the cities that belong to this very first collection of Contes de Parfums with this exclusive kit. You will be able to live the experience and transport yourself to a different city every day.