Ane ayo

100 ml

Proud of my
childhood home


Ane Ayo

Growing up in Bilbao, Ane recreates those walks with her father to the park, where she was lost as a child during the summer afternoons.


The fragrance opens with citrus and lavender, whilst the depth of oak and coffee are at the heart. Metallic accords mimic the noticeably industrial side of Bilbao, together with the green and woody notes that characterise those afternoons spent in park during the summer.


Floral Fruity

100 ml



Oriental Green

100 ml

The Story

She was born here and enjoyed the days her father took her by the hand walking through the busy street of Bilbao. She would chat constantly to him as they walked hand in hand along the narrow streets in direction of the park. The street-side cafes, that at night bustling with adults searching for the best tapas with their glasses of beer, during daytime filled with pensioners. It was coffee, tobacco and chatter mixed with the sound of banging dominos that filled her memory when walking alongside her father. Once in the park, surrounded by immense green trees, pretty flowers and the vast expanse of grass to play on, it always seemed unusual to her that the air, although fresh, had an underlying metallic scent to it. But as a child you cannot be aware of the importance that industrialization has on the city, she called home. Bilbao a proud city of proud people.

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