J.C Herault

100 ml

The colour and the art
of Sevilla through smell.


Jean-Christophe Hérault

For Jean-Christophe it is the colour and art of Sevilla through smell. A fragrance that makes you fall in love from the first moment with a transparent and delicate freshness.

At the heart, its sophisticated floral bouquet of jasmine and orange blossom is inspired by the Andalusian charm and the magic of Sevilla. A warm background is awakened by a combination of woods and musk. An Andalusian fragrance that does not forget its Arab roots.


Floral Aldehydic

100 ml


Floral Aldehydic​

100 ml

The Story

With the sudden spring shower finished, everything in Sevilla looked clean and fresh. With the sun now out, he meanders down the narrow-cobbled streets with their immaculately whitewashed walls. The damp, brightly coloured wooden doors and shutters of the homes warmed in the caressing sunlight, emitting that distinctly earthy, comforting feeling. Music played from the open windows of the balconies adorned with multi-coloured flowers in their terracotta pots, all contrasted beneath the radiant blue sky. Distinctive Flamenco-style hand-clapping beats and rhythmic vocals anonymously accompany him along this mesmerising journey. As he turns a corner, he is instantly captivated by the delicate sweet smell of orange blossom and jasmine that permeates the warm afternoon air and embraces him. It is in that moment that he comprehends his undeniable love for Andalusia. 

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