Delphine Lebeau

100 ml

A special trip of
balanced contrasts


Delphine Lebeau

An olfactory journey of Iceland’s incredible Golden Circle, with a mandatory stop in Reykjavik, as told by Delphine.

The complex but balanced structure of this fragrance represents the contrasts that can be found in Iceland. On the one hand, it is a very aromatic and fresh fragrance that is inspired by the green fjords and glaciers covered in ice of an almost polar country. On the other hand, we find a warm and comforting side with a sauna steam accord. Finally, its spicy, woody and slightly mineral side represents its great volcanic activity.


Woody Watery

100 ml

The Story

The cruise ship skilfully navigated through the last fjord towards its final dock in Reykjavik. The lush green vegetation came close to the water’s edge, contrasted by the unbelievably close ice-covered glaciers along the fjord. As she disembarked, the grey cloudy sky was being whipped by the pure, cold air. It instantly caught her breath, a reminder that this was Iceland. They boarded the warm luxury coach in search of the volcano she so desperately wanted to see. It did not disappoint. She walked towards the imposing volcano that stood silently awaiting its guests. The air, slightly mineral ladened and combined with the heavy aromas of the damp land and trees in between her and the volcano, was even more powerful than she had ever imagined. Reykjavik, an experience of strong yet balanced contrasts.

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